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OMG! The Gentle Leader!!

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I got Bogie one yesterday. He wrestled with me while putting it on but when we started to walk it was a charm!!! Just twice, he started to rub it with his paws on the walk...........then that was it! I felt like I was walking on a cloud and didn't even have a dog there! hahahahaha!!
When he did his usual LUNGE at a ever so gently just brought him back to my side! I am one happy camper!!

On the flip side..............we had to buy a tether for when we're in the yard with him for a longer time... :cry: He's eating the tulips and all the wood chips! We don't leave him alone, and yesterday, it was a big help when hubby cleaned the garage. He kind of laid there a chewed on a bone and didn't get into any trouble..............not until I let him out last night!! SHEEEEESH! We have a deep fry turkey roaster that was loaded with peanut oil. Hubby accidentally spilled some and didn't tell me. :roll: tether he started eating the grass and leaves covered in peanut oil. Today he has the squirts!

But...............yahoooooo for the Gentle Leader! Our trainers are against them, but I wonder WHY???
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At almost two years old, Boyd still pulls if I use a regular leash and collar so I continue to use the gentle leader easy walk harness. Poo on the trainers, I want to have enjoyable and productive walks with my Boydster!! :p
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