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OK tonight I took Max & Peanut out back for their nightly OFF LEASH
potty and doodle run around 8pm.

My friend and I walk out back, I have my whistle and treats
next thing I know my Brenda says" annmarie is that a baby red fox?"

Before I know it Max & Peanut are like lightening bolting after a hedgehog!
they actually caught it and refused to listen to me, the whistle or acknowledge treats.
so I do the "BYE MAX" "BYE PEANUT "still no response :shock:

anyway, i run to them but stop 80 ft from them
Finally they stop , release the hedgehog (aka woodchuck) that runs in the woods . WHEW!and they stayed there waiting for me :)

I ALSO WAS sooo happy they released the hedgehog on command
as "drop it" worked!

In the end i did praise them for staying as in past they would have run in the woods........and they did come follow me back to house without a treat :wink:

PS they did same with deer other day but had stopped and ran back to me immediately. So I think i'll work MORE on whistle training ...
back to basics but at least they don't run in woods anymore :)
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gene said:
I just got a visual of Max and Peanut taking down a deer!! :shock: :lol:
HaHa! Me too! It was that last sentence: "PS they did same with deer other day..."

Now THAT would be something!

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