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OK tonight I took Max & Peanut out back for their nightly OFF LEASH
potty and doodle run around 8pm.

My friend and I walk out back, I have my whistle and treats
next thing I know my Brenda says" annmarie is that a baby red fox?"

Before I know it Max & Peanut are like lightening bolting after a hedgehog!
they actually caught it and refused to listen to me, the whistle or acknowledge treats.
so I do the "BYE MAX" "BYE PEANUT "still no response :shock:

anyway, i run to them but stop 80 ft from them
Finally they stop , release the hedgehog (aka woodchuck) that runs in the woods . WHEW!and they stayed there waiting for me :)

I ALSO WAS sooo happy they released the hedgehog on command
as "drop it" worked!

In the end i did praise them for staying as in past they would have run in the woods........and they did come follow me back to house without a treat :wink:

PS they did same with deer other day but had stopped and ran back to me immediately. So I think i'll work MORE on whistle training ...
back to basics but at least they don't run in woods anymore :)
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haha...OMG Kirby would so have been gone after that hedgehog :) He always does find his way back to us (but only after giving us anxiety over where he has gone).

Good job on the drop it ;)
We got to the dog park yesterday and this lady (one we see there all the time) was off in the back of the park...Dex ran over to her and we saw her pushing him away so we went to investigate. Turns out her dog (along with another dog) had killed a woodchuck (I think that's what it was pretty big!). Oh I was so grossed out...the lady was trying to keep Dex from grabbing it. She got a bag and lugged it to the trash and was going to call the park ranger to make sure they empty it.

Both dogs looked SO proud of themselves too...HAHA
1 - 2 of 32 Posts
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