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OK tonight I took Max & Peanut out back for their nightly OFF LEASH
potty and doodle run around 8pm.

My friend and I walk out back, I have my whistle and treats
next thing I know my Brenda says" annmarie is that a baby red fox?"

Before I know it Max & Peanut are like lightening bolting after a hedgehog!
they actually caught it and refused to listen to me, the whistle or acknowledge treats.
so I do the "BYE MAX" "BYE PEANUT "still no response :shock:

anyway, i run to them but stop 80 ft from them
Finally they stop , release the hedgehog (aka woodchuck) that runs in the woods . WHEW!and they stayed there waiting for me :)

I ALSO WAS sooo happy they released the hedgehog on command
as "drop it" worked!

In the end i did praise them for staying as in past they would have run in the woods........and they did come follow me back to house without a treat :wink:

PS they did same with deer other day but had stopped and ran back to me immediately. So I think i'll work MORE on whistle training ...
back to basics but at least they don't run in woods anymore :)
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mary i felt the same way, i don't know if got injured or not
it looked more like they were holding it at bay NOT biting it
and they did DROP IT when i gave the command.....but still.
Then again it did run into the woods

to-date i've gotten Max and Peanut to stop chasing cats, birds, geese etc
they usually just point..........but the hedgehog was a new experience.

if ANYONE has good suggestions .......please advise me
as i have 6 acres backing up to water
so at a moment's notice wildlife can appear and usually they ignore it for the most part.

remember: doodles come from an infusion of 2 breeds of hunting dogs
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OK how about a woodchuck? to me they both look the same
NOTE: as gene will remind you if i don't 1st, i am blonde :wink:
Vanessa, no tennis balls here Max eats them :shock: peanut tries

soooooo I'll Keep the KONG FRISBEE OR BALL in hand from now on
took me by surprise as we had just rounded the corner
and they're OFF
it happened so quick I forgot to think of using their kong toys to distract them. I know the treat didn't......they had a better treat on hand hahhaaa
seazr said:
Hahahahaha!!! I once had a springer that would "bring me" possums in the bedroom!!!!!
ewwwwwwwwwwwwww i do NOT like opposums!!!
my cousins used to chase me with them on the island in NC!!!
they got a blast of how fast i could run and scream at the same time hahhaaa
(yes the very beginning of how i became a hooligan) :wink: gave DAVE his good morning laugh!! thanks
and DAVE says the nickname for woodchucks is "pasture pigs" :shock:
UPDATE on today's training method and the woods w/woodchucks

1. Put 50ft lead on Max, have whistle around neck and treats in pocket just in case.

2. Let Max run with 50ft lead on him hahhaaa do NOT hold it rather
let the leash give him the hint.

3. blow whistle TOOT TOOT : both dogs come running immediately! give treats do several times but wait till they wander off and in mid play or checking out woods

4. i also whistle naturally like a bird that goes DEE DEET ...try that one,

5. will keep 50ft Lead on Max for the following week and practice daily 2 to 3 times a day.

6 Peanut? she sticks to me like glue esp if she knows there's treats or weeds i may toss her way to catch hahhaaaaaaaaa
max? he isnt' overly pleased with 50ft lead but SO WELL BEHAVED NOW
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GENE you silly wabbit, Trix are for kids!!!

blow whistle two times in a way to make is sound like TOOT TOOT :lol:
perhaps the same way your doodles do under your computer chair :shock:
TARYN...i do use treats initially

i started using whiste in house for couple of weeks
then started outside on potty walks

but i realized I whistle inside the house myself imiatating a bird that sounds like DEE DEEET
sooooooooooo when they stopped listening outside
i tried using whistles same way/sound i do hahhahaaaaaaaa
worked like a dream

graudally i stop giving treats so it's a 50/50 shot if they'll get a treat or great big hug with praise
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