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Hi Brian, welcome...and congratulations!

The advice you have received, and your gut reaction, are right my opinion.

The most important time in a puppy's life for socialization is the first few months...unfortunately, if the puppy is not used to interaction with other dogs or people, you could have a challenge on your hands. But I believe that doods are so loving and sweet that your pup will come around....with lots of patience and love.

That being said...especially if you have children...please use a LOT of caution. As loveable as Labradoodles are, some have been known to have aggression problems. Much of the pup's personality is formed by socialization and much from breeding and genetics. Your breeder should be willing to work with you and help you understand the parents. She/he should be able to explain to you the way the pup was raised so that you will know what your challenges will be.

I always talk to my families and tell them if I have noticed any issues that I think need to be watched and/or the focus of intensive training.

Training is a major thing for you and your dog...begin now, and please don't let need to work with your dog every single day. It is important in every puppy's life...especially so with your sweet new baby.

There are several good internet links to help out and many really good books, but I suggest that you find a competent trainer and work with your pup one-on-one for a while.

Please keep us posted. I wish you all the best...Keep in mind that Labradoodles are very, very sensitive to your moods and your body can get your pup to come around, most likely, with lots of love and attention because they thrive on it!
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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