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We also bought a 8 month old german shepherd "SHOW DOG" from a breeder and had her shipped to us. She didnt come out of her crate at all the first day, the poor girl was terrified. But She did end up coming around. She is one big baby and she is comfortable around us, but when someone new comes she is still shy. Better than she was but she is not the dog that will just run up to someone. You have to hold on to her most of the time so she wont go away from them. We were kind of disappointed because she was supposed to be my first show dog and we payed alot of money for her, but we still love her even though she doesnt do what she is expected to!
It will take a some time for your dog to come out of her shell but it will happen. Make sure you get her out and take her everywhere you can and let her get used to things. The more you do with her the better she will get!
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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