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Old Navy contest

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Did Chloe see her friends Bella and Boone on there???
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Sure did! hahah I just entered as a laugh, I don't even remember which picture I used really.
Sammy's on there too!

and Doro's Bella and Nero!

STIFF competition!!! lol

I did notice that there are a number of other forum menbers represented in the contest! Lani (Noelani) is there also! The more doodles the better the chance one could be selected! :lol:

What are you guys talking about :? ?? Dakota wants to play too!
Diane (and Dakota)
I dont really know but it would be fun to enter Riley into a contest even though I know he wont win. :cry: Im an unlucky person. :lol:
Old Navy is holding a contest to find a new mascot :lol:

Anyone can enter their dog! Good Luck! So far there are about 10,000 dogs entered.
Hey Lauren
You don't have to be lucky, just Riley! I think Dakota is too much of a pup but I might enter just for fun!
Diane (and Dakota)
I got a notice this morning about the contest and entered Niki and Phoebe. I didn't have time to really go thru and see what dogs were entered so I'm glad to hear there are a lot of doodles. It would be really neat to see a Labradoodle win :D You can enter 2 dogs in the contest from the same family and then judges will pick the final 6 dogs, then the voting is opened up to the public. So, anyone that hears of a doodle being in the final 6, be sure and let us know so we can all go and vote :wink: Good luck to everyone that entered :!:
Has anyone checked out the Old Nave site recently?
There are 20,600 dogs entered now! There were only 1800 when we entered Lani!! Word has gotten around! :lol:
Oh my gosh, I was just on there 2 days ago I think and there were almost 11,000, WOW. I sure hope a Doodle wins. I'll have to go check it out again :D
Looks like there are about 73 LDs in the running! Good luck to all! :lol:
Hi Lisa, how did you figure that out? :) Do they have a place you can check by breed?
Good Morning, I know this will sound pathetic :lol:, but I sorted by breed guessed at the page number (clicked on 48 per page first) and kept scrolling through pages until I found the beginning of the labradoodles and counted. I think they started on pg 240, but I can't be sure. I was up most of the night with Lani because she would not stop barking in her crate. (she spent from 8-3 in her crate yesterday with 3 1/2 hour potty breaks, she has never done that before. I think she was telling me that she didn't like it! she finally went down at 2 and she was up at 4 I gave up and put her on the couch with me) So at 6 am I found something to amuse myself with, MORE DOODLES!. :D

Now the site is so busy you can't get on!
Oh my!! I didn't know you could sort by breed, I was looking for NIki and Phoebe's pictures and finally gave up. I will try to get on and look again. I'd hate to be a judge, there are so many cute pictures, how would you ever decide :roll: Thanks for posting how to find the breeds :wink:
I think they are very backlogged in getting the pics up on the Old Navy site. I entered Coal 2 days ago and I still don't see his pic there!
I tried to enter Brutus this morning and it told me the server was at capacity - try again later! I sure hope a doodle wins!
Coal is there now. I entered Cinnamon, but I haven't seen her pic there yet. I finally figured out how to download pics. Amazing!
Ok here's an update on the site...There are 43879 dogs in the running!!!

If you are viewing 6 pics per page, the goldendoodles start on page 3499 and the labradoodles start on 4091

There are lots of great dogs....I just hope someone's dog from here wins, or any labradoodle would be cool!
Oh and make sure u click on the sort by breed button! lol...took me a few minutes to realize that was there! :D
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