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OK may have a problem

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I have one or 2 pups that seem to be gased up,
we are worming them today n for the next 2 days
all the poop is very loose, some watery,
i have been giving them a bit of pumpkin
is there anything else i should be doing or is there somthing i am doing wrong? i am bottle feeding not tube feeding goats milk esbilac
they are now at 60ml appx per feeding every 4hrs
am i over feeding?
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Nancy, this sounds funny, but Lexie was our first mother...and when Bayley (her sister) had a litter, one pup was acting like that, very big tummy, groaning, uncomfortable...the mother did her cleaning thing...but no relief. One evening while watching television, we took the pup out and I had him on my lap...Lexie came right over and started licking and licking and licking him...she licked him for about a half hour...when she was finished, his tummy was normal and he felt good!
Does the mama lick the pups enough to get them going? If not, do you have a more experienced mother dog that you would trust to help out?
I am sorry that you are going through this...please keep us posted.
Maybe the pups are allergic to the milk, even goats milk...what about trying that liver water stuff they talk about on the breeder's forum?
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