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OK may have a problem

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I have one or 2 pups that seem to be gased up,
we are worming them today n for the next 2 days
all the poop is very loose, some watery,
i have been giving them a bit of pumpkin
is there anything else i should be doing or is there somthing i am doing wrong? i am bottle feeding not tube feeding goats milk esbilac
they are now at 60ml appx per feeding every 4hrs
am i over feeding?
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when I tube fed my first litter for a week I did 1 mm per ounce of weight
every four hours and they thrived :)
how much does your puppy weigh does my formula fit in?

best wishes :)
Re: The are

Doodlesville said:
around 2+lbs getting between 50-75ml every 4hrs appx
hmmmm your a good mommy then lol
according to my formula 32 ml every four hours would be what is indicated!

with that said I remember the doctor telling me I was feeding my son too much formula but I never changed and he is 14 and perfect (well perfect for a 14 year old boy!!)
1 - 2 of 32 Posts
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