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OK may have a problem

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I have one or 2 pups that seem to be gased up,
we are worming them today n for the next 2 days
all the poop is very loose, some watery,
i have been giving them a bit of pumpkin
is there anything else i should be doing or is there somthing i am doing wrong? i am bottle feeding not tube feeding goats milk esbilac
they are now at 60ml appx per feeding every 4hrs
am i over feeding?
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He wormed them

i am worming them for 3 days with nemex 2 ,
it now has texture
the pup is eating a little,,we are giving fluids and nutral cal keeping warm , and hydrated, everything the vet will do, i suppose we just need to wait this out, just will feed him less more times per day i guess
yes he is gassy

liver watery stuff?? I have missed that one
would love to have that info here!!!!
The are

around 2+lbs getting between 50-75ml every 4hrs appx
i KNEW i was screwin up somthing

ok back down to 30ml
gonna add ben en bac daily too,,its kinda like puppy yogurt
gonna add ceral and lamb to their diets too, food may have started to soon
i dunno,,sheesh,,i just realized I KNOW Nuffin!!! LOL

they really need a bath,i just dont want them chilled a chilled pup is a dead pup,, are they old enough yet? nver had to wash them this early

Got the yogurt coming, steve is on the way home from vet,,the vet gave him some kinda shot,forgot to ask and fluids,
im worming again today with nemex2
Linda waito called she told me to use chicken baby food rather then lamb cause that will give em gas,
got baby ceral ,gonna try that vet suggested some substance for this one pup that is having trouble
they are so hungry when i feed them, may try going longer between feedings too
Ohh and they are 3-3.9lbs not 2lbs HELP ,,how much do i feed at the weight,,im so tired i cant think
ohh dont look at me wrong i CRY!!! :roll: :lol:

I found that site the other day,,helped me bunches,,
thanks :)

so if i feed every 4 hrs what would that be per feeding???
6 pounder??
Ohh that helps bunches,,im sooo brain dead
30cc per lb every 6hrs,,ohh my life just got much easier!!!!
I love

i really love that site,,ty so much!!!!!
you are a life saver,,thank Linda maaaaaaaaaaaaawaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :)
Thank you soo much

you just cant imagine how much you HAVE helped!!!
Steve is gonna love this article i printed it out

think that was our whole problem i was over feeding them

this site explains soooo much!!!!


I cant get them to burp!! omg,if it isnt one thing its something else

No , they all have very very loose stools, due to the feedings i guess,
we are introducing ceral this am, mixed with pup food, hopefully they will firm up soon, i need to get this diarreha under control though,

wooooohooooo,,,YES Folks we have GOOD POOP,,,LOL
Thank you all for all your help!!!
pups are all doing good
started burping them, and feeding them
mixing rice baby cereal with goatmilk esbilac , and the puppy food softened,,they JUST LOVE IT,,a couple started drinking water,,wooohoooo
YEAAA i may actually survive :lol:

ty all so much for bein here for me,,for your kindness ,and support i dont know what i would have done
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Thanks Annemarie

i cant tell you how blessed i feel being able to call you friend, as well as eveyrone that is always here to help anyone at any time,god bless you all

they are firming up still having bouts of watery but at least its better
and we are going 5-6hrs between feedings ,only a few days left of this thank god :)
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