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Today has been one of those days where I just wish I could rewind the day and start over. Anything and everything that could possibly go wrong, has gone wrong. After dealing with all my own personal problems, Leno gave me a scare. He decided to pick through the garbage and pull out a chicken bone. At the time my daughter was in the bath, and I didnt even realize he got it till it was nearly gone. Just as I noticed he had it he took off with the last piece of it and tried to hurry and swallow it before I got to him. A few minutes pass and he starts coughing and I thought maybe he was gonna puke it up or something. Then he starts to cry and paw at his face. I go over to him to open his mouth (which was a struggle) and see about big fat bone stuck in the back of his mouth. Then I start to panic, my daughter was still in the bath, my husband was at work, and the dog is choking. I tell her to get out, and quickly get clothes and shoes on. I tried once more to open his mouth but he wasnt letting me open his mouth and I definately couldnt do it on my own. So we all went to my husbands job (luckily I didnt get a speeding ticket on the way) and found my husband. He opened Leno's mouth and I reached in and pulled the bone out. Oh my god, I have never been so scared in my life! Not only was I scared for Leno but I didnt want my daughter (she is 6) watching her favorite pet possibly die! Oh what a day!!! Its now 1:00am and im goin to bed...hopefully tomorrow is a better day!

And I guess I should probably there any signs I should look for to make sure he is "passing" the bones out properly and not causing other problems inside him?
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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