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Today has been one of those days where I just wish I could rewind the day and start over. Anything and everything that could possibly go wrong, has gone wrong. After dealing with all my own personal problems, Leno gave me a scare. He decided to pick through the garbage and pull out a chicken bone. At the time my daughter was in the bath, and I didnt even realize he got it till it was nearly gone. Just as I noticed he had it he took off with the last piece of it and tried to hurry and swallow it before I got to him. A few minutes pass and he starts coughing and I thought maybe he was gonna puke it up or something. Then he starts to cry and paw at his face. I go over to him to open his mouth (which was a struggle) and see about big fat bone stuck in the back of his mouth. Then I start to panic, my daughter was still in the bath, my husband was at work, and the dog is choking. I tell her to get out, and quickly get clothes and shoes on. I tried once more to open his mouth but he wasnt letting me open his mouth and I definately couldnt do it on my own. So we all went to my husbands job (luckily I didnt get a speeding ticket on the way) and found my husband. He opened Leno's mouth and I reached in and pulled the bone out. Oh my god, I have never been so scared in my life! Not only was I scared for Leno but I didnt want my daughter (she is 6) watching her favorite pet possibly die! Oh what a day!!! Its now 1:00am and im goin to bed...hopefully tomorrow is a better day!

And I guess I should probably there any signs I should look for to make sure he is "passing" the bones out properly and not causing other problems inside him?
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Hi Brooke,
You really did have a harrowing day! I hope that today is a better one...a calm one and a restful one.
I would have been terrified too...It is so hard to know what to do and then when you think you can help, and the dog won't cooperate...sheesh! You did some quick thinking and it turned out well...thank goodness.
I did a quick google search and found this:

Dogs ate cooked chicken bones

Q: I will continue my search elsewhere on the net since I note you prefer not to respond to emergengies! However - if you are online, I would be grateful if you could indicate whether I should wake up my vet (its the middle of the night here in the UK). I woke up to find my 2 7-year old dogs (12 kg and 9 kg respective weights) had, between them, eaten a small cooked chicken carcass, stripped of meat (prepared weight of bird about 3 lbs). Should they receive emergency treatment (e.g. to make them vomit?) Or should I just wait'n'see? They appear fine. In the absence of a response, I shall contact my vet at 1st light. Meanwhile, thanks for your excellent service.

A: You picked a time I was out of town, unfortunately. I hope the dogs are OK. Most of the time chicken bones seem to cause more problems when they reach the colon than anywhere else. We mostly see dogs that have eaten chicken bones and have a sort of concrete stool that they are having great difficulty passing. Stool softeners help sometimes, some dogs just go ahead and tough it out and strain until they pass the stool and other dogs we have to give enemas to or remove the stool manually. So far, in eighteen years of practice, I have not seen an intestinal or gastric perforation or other serious problem I could relate to chicken bones. Just the really hard stool problem.

Again, I hope this is a crisis past.

Mike Richards, DVM
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Jac has given you great advice. :)
Thanks always give great advice to everyone :D and I appreciate it

Leno seems to be doing fine!!
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