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Hi! I know that there was a topic about this a while back but I could not find it so I am starting a new one. :wink:

I have called veterinarians around my area and none of them seem to have PennHip test-they are only offering an OFA and I was adviced of around $195.00 for the test, I was told this includes tranquilizer, certification, vet service ect. I live in Pueblo West, Colorado and I am not sure if this a reasonable price. I know Maureen and other labradoodle breeders have a lot of ideas about this area so your feedback will be much appreciated.

By the way, Kenya had her first heat this month and she did very well-I kept her in the kitchen to avoid a bloody mess!!! :lol:

I miss you all, by the way :)
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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