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OFA Price Quote..

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Hi! I know that there was a topic about this a while back but I could not find it so I am starting a new one. :wink:

I have called veterinarians around my area and none of them seem to have PennHip test-they are only offering an OFA and I was adviced of around $195.00 for the test, I was told this includes tranquilizer, certification, vet service ect. I live in Pueblo West, Colorado and I am not sure if this a reasonable price. I know Maureen and other labradoodle breeders have a lot of ideas about this area so your feedback will be much appreciated.

By the way, Kenya had her first heat this month and she did very well-I kept her in the kitchen to avoid a bloody mess!!! :lol:

I miss you all, by the way :)
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I have no experience with OFA, so I am no help there...but you can find PennHip vets by looking on the PennHip site, lok at the last topic under information about the procedure:

PennHip cost me around $325, but I live in CA where everything is pretty expensive!

The main advantage to PennHip is that you can test as early as 4 months...but they are finding that if your puppy has a not-so-good PennHip result at an early age and you retest at age 2 years, they improve quite a bit. (Which PennHip says is not possible...but it is turning out to be the case.)

OFA does preliminary testing, then you retest at 2 years of age for the real deal.
I have my dogs hips certified thru OFA because it is more convenient for me where I live. I would have to travel quite a distance to find someone to PenHipp. With that said, the price for everyone is going to be different depending on veterinary costs in your area. OFA preliminaries are 25.00 and certifications are 30.00 for hips, then you have your vet costs for the x-rays and anesthesia which will vary depending on costs in your area. Prelims can be done as young as 4 mos but it is best to have prelims done around 12 mos. Dogs can't be certified until 2 years of age.
I called many vets in my area and the price range for Pennhip was $245 to $395 depending on the vet, so check around!
Terri Lynn
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