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Good morning, all.
Robyn, carpentersmimijo and Jackie have given you some very realistic advice. It is probably nothing at all. Dogs vomit often, and it isn't like doesn't always mean that they are ill. BUT, of course, it could mean that. The content is not surprising, although you would think that Banjo would have digested his nighttime meal...but I would not be too concerned at this point.
If he continues to have a good appetite, just keep an eye on him. Don't let him eat too fast or over eat.
If he continues to have this problem, even if he doesn't, you should discuss it with your vet. (If it coninues, obviously, you'd want to see a vet right away, if it doesn't you could mention it at the next scheduled visit and see what your vet advises.)
If you see (sorry to be so graphic) foamy vomit it ususally is a sign of acid.
Even though I would not be too concerned at this point, you do want to watch him because if he has swallowed something (a rock, a toy, any number of things) he could have a blockage and will not be able to pass his food through his system. But, again, I don't believe it is time to worry yet. Just be cautious.
You will see that in some of the older strings on this forum, we discuss giving a puppy canned pumpkin. Not the pie kind (no spices) but just pumpkin. About 1-2 tablespoons each day. It helps to coat a puppy's stomach and eases things through. This helps whether the problem is vomiting or loose bowels.
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