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Obedience Class

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Well tonight was basic obedience class "orientation" without our dogs. Most of the stuff I know since my family has been raising and showing working GSDs since before I was born! I know how to train him and have been working with him so the class, for us, is more for fun, socializing, bonding, and practice of course! Anyway, we did some pretend heel and sit commands walking in a circle like we will do with the dogs next week and then she went around and asked people questions about their dogs. First of all, people looked at me like i was crazy when i said Charlie was a labradoodle?!?!?! LOL. One lady said she had head about them and cant wait to see what he looks like! Then she asked everyone if their dog knew how to sit. CHARLIE WAS THE ONLY ONE! I could not believe some of the silly answers people had and the fact that alot of them have rarely been walked on a leash :shock:

Enough rambling.. I am so excited to start this class next monday! And, from how everyone else talks about their dogs, it should be interesting! Needless to say Charlie and I will be working extra hard this week so we can show off on monday! -so competitive-

OH and one more laugh at of course
aka JACK RUSSELL :lol:
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Goodness! Good for you! I'm dreading class this Thursday--we missed last Thurs because we were on vacation. The Thurs before, Dakota was awful--and he is always the best pupil; but he would do nothing. I think I'll pull his food early so the treats will be much more tempting!
Diane (and Dakota)
HAH Dakota is a clown, good luck to you! I am deffinately hoping (and praying) that Charlie acts as wonderful and SMART as he does at home!
A clown is right!! He was such a goof ball that he drew an audience--people actually waited for our class to end so they could meet him. And when they found out he was a Labradoodle, they were simply delighted! I was simply embarassed because I KNOW how smart he is!! Better luck to you!
Diane (and Dakota)
Quin was described as "agile minded" by the trainer in our class. :wink: He would loose focus because he mastered stuff so quickly, he got bored. So we started getting extra assignements in class - to keep him interested. Now we're just starting Puppy II - we'll see if he is still "gifted" LOL. :lol:
Oh, you will have such fun! So will Charlie! And, I am certain that he will be the star of his sure to let us know how it goes!
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