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Sounds like Quin will be a wonderful camping and hiking companion.

You drove by so close to my house! We live just south of Lake Stevens. We've hiked the Big Four ice caves many times. That's a great hike and my husband loves to ride his bike up to Monte Cristo.

We use to do so many hikes with our kids when they were small. It was a cheap and great way to spend the day. We always took our dog with us too. We'll have to take Jorja on some hikes. She'll love them too.

Can't wait to see pictures of Quin's adventure!

Just curious what word you say to get Quin to shake paws. I've taught my dogs to "shake" when they are wet especially after a bath so I need to come up with a different word to shake paws. Maybe just "paw".
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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