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nose color

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I have recently notice that Hank's ( 7 months ) nose has lighten around the bridge. Hank has a carmel coat and the rest of his nose is black. I'm a litttle nervous b/c I heard a dog's nose can indicate heath problems. Is this common or should I be concerned?

PS. We did change Hank's dog food a couple of weeks ago. Vet suggested we go to adult food rather than puppy food.
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It could be due to the food change, or it could be what they call "winter nose"
Depending on where you live. In the winter when dogs don't get as much sunlight the pigment fades a bit. Then when the summer comes it darkens up again.
This is seen alot in light coated dogs.
Thank you for your response. It does sound like a case of "winter nose". I can't wait till Spring!!!! It will be nice to take Hank for his evening walk in the daylight , especially if we go to the dog park. The park around us doesn't have lights and closes at dusk.

thanks again !
Hi, welcome!
I agree...I have not seen winter nose, but I have read about it.
Of course, if you get a chance on your next vet visit, you might want to mention it and get your vet to take a look...never a bad idea when changes happen. (But I wouldn't worry...)
It is so weird to read about this...we just noticed the same thing with our dog last week. The kids were saying about how cute it was. I had no idea what the cause could have been. I just though it was a change as she is growing. Thanks guys!
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