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Nieve owner- needs advice!

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Hi everyone! Most of you know I have Calvin. He is almost 1 year old now and the best dog ever! My question is this....I see people walking around parks with their dogs walking nicely next to them OFF LEASH and I am wondering how they train that. I would like to have Calvin hang out with us in the front yard, but have never actually had him off leash for fear of him running off. He did respond to the "come" command MOST of the time, but it has been about 5 months since we have used it due to "The Lizzie Factor". How do I train him to hang out with us off leash without actually letting him off leash? My other concern is that if I "try it out" in the front yard, I'm afraid he may remember his 3 day adventure with Lizzie and start to go on another one! Does that make sense? Help!
Thanks! Leslie
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We have a LARGE area that Cinnamon runs in, I can work in the flower gardens and such with out her running off, even if the neighbor's dog (who they let run free all over God's green earth) gets her attention, she'll stay with me. It takes time and a lot of telling her over and over to "stay with me" and the just plain STAY! When we visit our kids, who live in subdivisions, she'll stay with us, but she does have to learn the new boundaries. She still wants to wander if we don't watch her there. I think she's just so used to knowing what her boundaries are at home she doesn't even think about it.

I start with the basics - sit, stay, come, heel, etc - and work up to the off leash thing. It will not happen while they are pups, they will have to mature a little. IT takes LOTS and LOTS of practice and patience! Letting them walk around the yard with the leash on helps and don't let them get to far ahead of you that you can't catch the leash if they look as though they might make a run for it.

Calvin is just the right age to start this kind of stay in the yard thing. I bet if you work on it, you'll be pleasantly surprised with how much you can trust him. Let him know his boundaries and keep him on a leash or rope for a while. He will wander if not watched at first, but he'll get better. If Cinnamon starts to wander now (usually with her nose to the ground!) all I have to say is a couple of words and she'll come running back to me like it was the most fun she's had for days! I'm still not brave enough to walk her in public places with out a leash, more afraid of people than her. Most places have leash laws now and it wouldn't be prudent to test those laws!
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What part of Indy are you in? I used to live in that part of the country and still have family that live in the south east part of the city. I'm from a little town east of Indy, but have been to the "big city" many times!

Becky & Cinnamon
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