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Nicky's New Game

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Nicky brought me a tennis ball today, so we played a game. We played this in the kitchen, which has a vinyl floor. I bounce the ball to Nicky, he catches it with his mouth, and then throws it back to me!

After doing this over and over, he decided to change the game. When I'd bounce the ball to him, he'd bat it back to me with his face instead of catching it! At first I thought he'd done it by mistake, but he did it again and again, so I'm sure it was on purpose! He invented a new game!
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Good boy Nicky!!!!!!!!!!
That is so cute.......................
They are so clever................Denver kind of spits it
back at us.............but I love the head toss...very cool Nicky!!!
awwwwww way to go Nicky !!! I had a lab who did that, doggies are so fun
Well done!
Doesn't it just floor you when people say dogs don't think?
Obviously yours did!
He is really smart, animals amaze me!
Great job Nicky! Sounds like you 2 had a great time.
Sounds like Nicky could be a soccer star! Way to go!!! :lol:
that is so cute. these dogs crack me up.
I love how these doodles are when playing!! sounds like NICKY is making it even MORE fun now.

Peanut no longer fetches as of 2mos ago
NOW she jumps about 3ft up to hit the ball with her nose
and then watches Max and Beau go running for it hahhahaaa
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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