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New to board and Doodles

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I have a wonderful little dog that I rescued from a co-worker of mine back in '03. At the time he told me that he paid a ton of money for this dog and it was called a labradoodle. Well, never having owned anything other than a mutt I paid him no mind. Well then I saw a news feature on designer dogs and there was a dog similar to my Stumpy. Anyway since then I have done some studying on Doodles and I do believe my dog is a doodle.

Anyway my question is....does anyone know how I would go about finding out where my dog came from? I know it's next to impossible, but any suggestions would be great.

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Randi- Welcome! What a neat story! I'm sure you could find a list of labradoodle breeders in California somewhere on the internet. Maybe Jac knows? Jac is a breeder in California. The fact that you got the dog in 2003 might help because some breeders haven't been breeding labradoodles for that long. Meanwhile, this site has a gallery with lots of pictures of labradoodles... you might want to check it out! Good luck in your search!

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