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New to board and Doodles

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I have a wonderful little dog that I rescued from a co-worker of mine back in '03. At the time he told me that he paid a ton of money for this dog and it was called a labradoodle. Well, never having owned anything other than a mutt I paid him no mind. Well then I saw a news feature on designer dogs and there was a dog similar to my Stumpy. Anyway since then I have done some studying on Doodles and I do believe my dog is a doodle.

Anyway my question is....does anyone know how I would go about finding out where my dog came from? I know it's next to impossible, but any suggestions would be great.

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Hey, Randi, welcome! Don't be a stranger, we love to make new friends.

I don't have any info or suggestions that haven't come up, except like Di I was wondering if you can't ask your co-worker where/who he got your Stumpy from? Like Jac said, if he/she paid plenty of money it sounds like they got him from a breeder.

the adventure continues, right?
Oh my gosh he's ADORABLE!!!
is he standard sized (16" & up)? or smallish?
I hope "we" get to find out where he came from!
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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