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New to board and Doodles

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I have a wonderful little dog that I rescued from a co-worker of mine back in '03. At the time he told me that he paid a ton of money for this dog and it was called a labradoodle. Well, never having owned anything other than a mutt I paid him no mind. Well then I saw a news feature on designer dogs and there was a dog similar to my Stumpy. Anyway since then I have done some studying on Doodles and I do believe my dog is a doodle.

Anyway my question is....does anyone know how I would go about finding out where my dog came from? I know it's next to impossible, but any suggestions would be great.

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Hi Randi, welcome to the have found a great place for friendship and advice.

I am a breeder and I do live in northern CA...but I am not originally from CA, I only moved here in 2000, so I don't know what area you are in.

I'd be glad to see if we can find some info, we could start a search and see where it leads. I do know of places to post questions...and even pictures that might get some responses. I also know of some breeders that have been selling pups for a while and may be some good places to begin.

Since your co-worker said he paid a lot, I would assume he got the dog from one of the more experienced breeders, but if you don't mind contacting me, we can discuss this a bit more.

You can reach me by clicking on the PM button below...that will send a private message to me and we can chat a bit. are tooo funny! Okay, I paid attention! I'll try to post a picture or two and try it out...tomorrow! :wink:

Bridget, thanks for thinking of me...I certainly will do what I can.

Randi, I'll look forward to talking with you...and to seeing the picture of your dog!
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What a face! I love his coat too! (Nice coloring!) Really a beautiful dog...thanks for posting.
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