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New to board and Doodles

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I have a wonderful little dog that I rescued from a co-worker of mine back in '03. At the time he told me that he paid a ton of money for this dog and it was called a labradoodle. Well, never having owned anything other than a mutt I paid him no mind. Well then I saw a news feature on designer dogs and there was a dog similar to my Stumpy. Anyway since then I have done some studying on Doodles and I do believe my dog is a doodle.

Anyway my question is....does anyone know how I would go about finding out where my dog came from? I know it's next to impossible, but any suggestions would be great.

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Welcome Randi!!! You will find this site an incredible resource!

OK so now I want to see a picture!!!

heres how to post them (pay attn Jac! :lol: )

Put all of these on the SAME line with NO spaces in this order:


2) [URL="http://theaddressofthepicture"]http://theaddressofthepicture[/URL] (must use a "public" site like photobucket or shutterfly... yahoo pics doesnt work)


Photobucket is great if you use it because it does the work for you, when you choose your pic just use the bottom option, you will see that it does the whole
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1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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