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Hi all, new to the forum mainly because we have just bought and collected our mini-labradoodle. He is 8 weeks and 3 days. He was from a litter of 7 and they spent most of their time together in a medium sized dog pen.

We brought him home yesterday late afternoon and so far he has settled in quite well. He has not eaten any of his food yet although had warm milk last night (the breeder had been feeding the same and recommended we continued as part of the routine at least for the next week). He has had his wees and is drinking water but just not had any solid food. We are feeding him Dr John puppy food (again recommended by the breeder) but he just keeps turning his nose up at it. I was wondering whether this is because a lot has happened in the last 24 hours and it is still adapting (maybe lost its appetite)? Any thoughts?

Also, he is whimpering a lot even though he couldn't get any more attention, especially from my kids. Is this just detachments issues and something he's likely to overcome quite quickly?

Many thanks in advance.
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