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Hi - we just picked up our Labradoodle puppy from the breeder this past weekend. Sadie is her name and she will be 11 weeks old tomorrow.
My nearly 14-year-old F1 passed away early October and I completely forgot how hard this job can be. I feel like I am out of sorts on how to raise a puppy and feeling a bit overwhelmed.

We are crate training and that is going well but her bowels were loose. We took her to the vet because of a lump on her side that got larger after we picked her up. we had originally thought it was a small lump from vacinnes. however, it got large! The vet said it was an infection (abscess) and it had to be drained. Poor little thing got shaved and and cut open to drain it. She is now on antibiotics.

They also found her to have coccidia which has me upset. The same antibiotic they are using for the abscess they said will cover the coccidia. They put her on Albon 125 mg per day for 11 days. Recheck stools and wound after that.

Here is a picture of her... she is a F1 and is to get (probably) about 40-45 pounds.

Iwould love to hear any advice you have on helping me raise her to not chew my furniture and be a good girl!!! LOL
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