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New Puppy Questions

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Hi all... I wanted to start a thread to ask all my new puppy questions!

ok here are my first two:

1) can we use baby shampoo to bath Sammy?

2) our breeder does the BARF diet and we will be switching her over to dry food (she will be almost 11 weeks on Friday when we get her). When we asked the breeder how much she eats, she said that she eats as much as she wants in 10 minutes and then she pulls the bowls up. Has anyone else encountered this method? (I know some of you free feed but we would really like to have her on a schedule)... Is there risk of her over eating with this method? Should we instead give her a specific amount? If so how much? She weighs about 15lbs now.

THANKS everyone!!! FINALLY we are doodle owners!!!!
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No human shampoo at all, even baby. Something about the ph in their skin. I have always had Toby on a schedule. That keeps his other business on schedule as well :wink: I would just very carefully pick a food and then feed as the bag instructs. I divide the daily feeding into a 7am and 6 pm dose. That works very well for us.
Hi, it's fun to see you making plans for your baby...finally! :D
What LeeBeth said is right on spot...this is the advice that most people and vets give.
I, of course, have some experiences that view the opposite side and the dogs have never had a is that when bathing dogs, I personally agree that you should only use dog shampoo...but, you know, looking at ingredients, I can't see a heck of a lot of difference...unless the shampoos are specialty types. My mother has never used anything except her own shampoo on her dogs and they have never had a skin problem, allergy problem...nothing. They do just fine. (Again, I wouldn't do dogs get dog shampoo.)
I do free feed though. Maybe it is because I have 4 dogs and they all enjoy eating at different times. I fill the food dishes in the morning and evening and the dogs eat when they are hungry. Usually it is when food is served, but sometimes (for a variety of reasons) they are not hungry then and will come back in the middle of the night and eat. They have never been overweight (in fact they are on the lean side) and they seem content. Plus, it makes everything much easier when I know that I"ll be away...I don't need to worry about them getting off their schedule.
So, although it is not the recommended way to feed, free feeding has worked very well for us.
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wannadoodle said:
I divide the daily feeding into a 7am and 6 pm dose. That works very well for us.
So even as a puppy I can put her on a 2 times a day schedule? For some reason I thougt that I had heard earlier that it should be 3 times a day at first, and then when she gets bigger move to two...?
Hi Kelly, you should feed your puppy 3 times daily until she is 3 mos old and then you can cut that back to twice daily. Feed puppy food until 5 or 6 mos of age then switch to adult food. Of course, during hunting season, as I'm sure your fiance knows, you will need to feed a high protein food. As for keeping her on a schedule or free feeding, I always feed mine on schedule. Some dogs do fine on free feeding but most will tend to over eat so I guess you can just see how Sammy does and do what you feel is best for Sammy. Have fun :D
Okay so we decided to go with the Nutro Large Breed puppy in the white bag for slow growth. It looks like it has great nutritional value as well as the right joint protection for her as she grows up...

The breeder has her on the BARF diet, will I need to add anything to the kibble for the transition?
I would ask the breeder (but they are already probably doing this) to begin to add the dog food to her diet so that when you get her, she can transistion to the dog food...but there may not be time to do it completely.
Your breeder probably has some good suggestions as to how to transition to kibble.
So exciting!
Linda would be a good one to answer this question. When she brought Tejas home, he had been on the raw diet. Linda feeds kibble so she could tell you how the transition went and if she did anything different.
Dixie just had me switch from raw to kibble he did well I thought I would have trouble but he ate the kibble just like he also had been on it. I would feed the raw if I could afford it but I just have to many dogs and it is more work also. We are feeding Canidae now and I really like it not near the clean up as what we had on our other kibble. It is a little more costly but I feel the difference is worth it for the dogs diets. good Luck and post pics of him/her when you can.
You all are right, she is already adding kibble in. So I think I will buy a small bag of the kibble she is feeding and mix them along with a little pumpkin to ease the digestion.

Thanks everyone! 4 more days!!!!

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
Kelly, what time of day on Friday do you get your baby?
Pretty soon there won't be enough space for all of your smiley faces! :lol:
I am so happy for you!
At 2:30... I an NOT going to be able to concentrate on work at ALL that day! ha!

Ok so I bought the CUTEST thing for her today... I was worried about her being sad and alone for her first night without her mama and sisters, so I was at Target and I saw this special teddy bear for puppies that has no plastic eyes or nose or anything they could chew off and choke on for $7 so I bought it for her to have someone to snuggle with. awwwwww

I also was able to find organic canned pumpkin so that is good. It is kind of hard to find pumpkin in Feb!!! I had to go from aisle to aisle, finally found it in the baking aisle, no where near the canned veggies or fruits.

We also bought her a little purple collar (Derek insisted on Purple... which I happen to think is pretty cute that he cared so much :) ) and a little silver tag that says Sammy and our phone number on it. Even thoguh I know we wont have her wear it that much for now (I have read you sholdnt leave it on them when they are in their crate because they can hurt themselves)... she needed to have her own little collar and tags!

Thanks for all of yoru support Jac!! The countdown is on!!!

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :!:
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You are so cute and I will be doing the countdown right along with you!
Isn't it fun to buy things and make plans?
I was so happy when my new families would get all excited and start asking what things they could do to make the puppies happy and comfortable.
You will find that these little ones adjust well...much better than the adults they leave behind! :wink:
My Lexie has a purple collar...very pretty!
You will probably go to the store 15 more times before Friday, 2:30!
This is better than Christmas! Enjoy the entire process!
I know the vets recommend sceduled feedings but where i work shift work (12 hrs plus 2 hrs on the road/day). I am not always home at the same time, or even roughly the same time everyday. I free feed and it works great. They never over eat, never fight over food (3 dogs). I think when started young they learn to eat for hunger not b/c it is in front of them. I find it simple just to keep the dishes full. I dont feel that they eat any more this way. Free feeding along with free run (doggie door into a heated building) and electric underground dog fence makes my dogs almost zero work!

Good luck with your puppy
Terri Lynn
Free feeding wont work well for us, we do prefer the schedule... how early can we do 2 feedings a day? THAT would work MUCH better for us than 3!

:D :!: :D :!: :D :!: :D :!: :D :!: :D :!: :D :!: :D :!: :D :!:
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