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Hi, Sofie and your cat will probably get along fine, but it will take time. Probably won't happen until the cat let's Sofie know the consequences...but they learn to live together.
My dogs actually didn't mind the bitter apple didn't help us at all.
The best thing you can do is to be present when the dog is out in an area where she can either hurt things or things can hurt her. If you can't supervise her, crate her. Sounds mean, I know...we had troublw with that, but I believe that to be true.
Unfortunatly, the Lab in our doods will make them chewers sometimes.
I would suggest training...teaching "leave it" and "drop it" right away.
I am not sure that I would spay bitter apple in the dog's face...I believe that dogs are more receptive to the natural consequences (the bitter taste on the furniture) and are best not seeing the negative coming from you, if possible. But that is just my opinion...I am not saying it is a wrong thing...only that I would not be comfortable doing it. (With all due respect, Jannie... :? )
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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