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My wife and I just picked up an 8wk old pup! His name is Boone. We have been wanting to get a puppy for a while as our Boxer is 7 years old and we want her to have a bud (as well as have her help teach the baby dog) before she is too old to hang. I am curious everyone’s input/prediction as to what this boy will look like! His mom is 40lbs (4 years old) and has more of a straight “wire-hair” coat. His dad is 60lbs (about a year old) and has soft wavy hair (no tight curls). Mom is more of a “brindle” coloration and sort of odd looking. Dad is the same pattern as the pup but has black instead of brown.

Boone is brown and white and his hair is definitely less “soft/silky” than all but one of his siblings. Where here he has brown he shows multiple shades. Do you think his shades will stick around as he grows or will it even out? Also he was the biggest pup of the litter. His snout is longer and less fuzzy than the rest (one sibling shared his shape). His eyes are greenish/blue hazel with some brown.
At the end of the day I don’t care what he looks like so long as he’s a good dog. I just think the parent combo is unique and therefore so should be the pup!
I don’t know much about labradoodles but I’m curious how he compares with the “breed standard”.
Pictures of Boone and parents attached.


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