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New pictures of Mia

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So I finally dug out my camera to take some new shots of Mia. Mia is nearly six months old and stands about 15" tall and weighs 19 lbs. The other dog is our nearly 17 year-old springer spaniel Rose. She's deaf and suffers from doggy Alzheimer's, but she's very patient with the pup.

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She is adorable! My daughter just said "I want one of those!"
She is the cutest thing ever! Looks like a little stuffed doggie from the toy store! Aren't they fun? :D
Mia sure is adorable! Thank you for posting a picture.

Just one question, though. Your pup weighs less than
mine, and my Hershey is only 12 weeks old. Were her
parents smaller as well?

What great pictures!! Someone really likes their ball!
Adorable! I see she has that beautiful, fluffy coat of fur. Any grooming tips we should know about?
Oh what a little doll baby!!!
I am guessing she is a mini, but what generation?
picture 3 is such a typical doodle look!

she is adorable :)
In answer to your questions -- Mia is a multi-generation miniature ... I have information back to her great-great-grandparents and most of them come from either Rutland Manor or Tegan Park in Australia.

Both her mom (who came directly from Rutland Manor to Sandyhill Labradoodles in Abbotsford, BC, Canada) and dad (from Primetime Labradoodles in Bellingham, Wash.) are small -- 15 or 16 inches tall and weighing between 20 & 25 lbs.
Kathryn, Mia is SO cute!! Yes, she looks like a little stuff puppy! Did you get her from Bellingham?
I actually got her from Sandyhill Labradoodles in Abbotsford, BC which is just north of Bellingham in Canaada ... about an hour's drive I think. There are a bunch of multi-gen mini doodle breeders in close proximity to one another in southern BC and Alberta and Washington State.
Mia sure is a cutie.

I especially love her color.


I'm the mommy of a 6 month old mini too... and loving it :lol: :lol: :lol:

Maddie and Lexi
Maddie, your Lexie looks like a real sweet heart. She's looks like a taller more slender dog than Mia. Mia is a real roly poly ... I think I'm going to have to watch her weight for her as she get older. Maybe I'll have better luck watching her weight than my own :lol:

How does your mini get on with larger dogs? I think Mia has small dog syndrome ... there's no one she won't bark at and try to lure into a game of tag and roll.
Lexi does seem taller to me than Mia appears on the screen, but in person she's only about 15 inches. Still small compared to most standards of the same age.

As for Lexi and other dogs...

At our last visit to the vet, she had no experience with other dogs because the vet. said she needed to complete her shots before she could be exposed. She was 16 weeks then (it was her last round of shots). On our way out of the Doctors office there was a HUGE, but very well behaved St. Bernard waiting to be seen. Lexi took one look, and started barking. I looked down at her, and thought are you out of your mind?

The St. Bernard owner let Lexi come closer to sniff. She stopped barking- and began the "sniff your butt" ritual. The St. Bernard remained calm and sweet! What a break for me!!!!!

Since that time we have had a few puppy play dates with our Bichon Frise friend, and a couple of lab friends. She no longer barks at other dogs.

Also she has been enrolled in puppy school, and for sure the best part for her is the socialization period with the other pups. Sniffing, licking, play fights oh what fun! But she sure seems like the most "hyper" pup in class!

Maddie and Lexi
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wow....MIA is gorgeous!!! love her color. Rose seems like a sweetie pie too. Glad they both like each other too. GREAT PICS!!

The only MINI i've ever seen is when I get a doodle puppy and then that MINI stage is over in 2mos hahhahaa

on serious is she like an apricot red? And I LOVE HER TAIL!!!
she mustkeep Rosie active...lucky for Rosie she's deaf and can't hear the barking :wink:

Let me know how the doggy classes go. Max is great at home and at the pet shop etc...but let us go to the VET and ohhhh he becomes wild man wanting to check out every dog and every vet assistant. It's almost embarassing hahahhahaa
Hi Annmarie ... Mia's colour is kind of apricot red. Her mom is a lighter cream colour with red highlights and her dad is dark red. I expect she'll lighten up as she grows older but I think her ears and tail will always be a little darker.

My friend with the Bedlington terrier calls her a strawberry blonde.

Puppy classes are going well as long as I have a ziploc bag full of cheese, but she really does like to bark at other dogs and try to get them to play.

In fact she even barks at dogs (and horses) on TV. She seems to think they are inside the box as she rushes up and tries to look into the screen. It's really very funny :lol: Sometimes I put on the dog training video just for the entertainment of watching her go nuts.
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