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new photo for fall

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Coco and I had the whole day together!!
First, I wore her out with the frisbee and then
scissor cut about an inch off her whole body...
not too much off her face....She held still, tethered
to the leg of the kitchen table...I sat on the floor and snipped....
for a long time!
She was so good! I was shocked! :shock:
Then she got a bath and towel dry....
I combed her out and then we walked around the block... drying...
It was really warm out...
nearly, or was, 90 degrees- still :x
Then we went to the flower shop !
and took pictures until we got a good one...
Oh, my!! was that a challenge!! :?
She doesn't sit/stay in public very long at all!!! :roll:
The nursery has a resident grackle;
it walks around cocking its head at folks.
...if we promised not to attack it...
we could roam around their pumpkins and fall color!
It was fun!! Haven't had a day off like I had today in a long time!!
Of course, Coco had a blast, she was Queen for the Day!

I had a Chocolate Labradoodle!!
She, too, has a coat of many colors!!


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What a beautiful picture!!! What kind of frisbee do you use? We've been playing frisbee with Dakota lately and they seem to crack really easy.
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