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Hello everyone! I recently rescued a 9 month old labradoodle pup from a woman on Facebook that was facing homelessness and needed to rehome her asap. What we weren’t expecting was what bad of a shape she was going to be in when we got her 😞 skin & bones, fleas, skin covered in scabs. Since then she has had a grooming appointment, is awaiting a vet appointment, and is generally doing well. We have had her for about 2 weeks now, and are absolutely in LOVE with her…however, we recently suspected that my husband may be allergic to her. He is not necessarily allergic to my Pom-a-poo for some reason, so not too sure. I read that the F1Bs can be the most problematic for allergy sufferers but I have no idea exactly what generation she is. (Pictures of my angel baby are attached, if anyone can help!) Has anyone else been allergic to one dog, particularly a labradoodle, and not the other? Could a present skin condition be what is causing it?
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