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New Here :)

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Hi Everyone! I was lucky enough to find this site and I'm glad I did. We recently acquired a labradoodle and I don't know much about them. I've had labs all my life, so that part I'm familiar with, but clue. Daisy is 15 weeks today and so far she's great! I've been reading through the forums a lil and I have a digger on my hands like many. When we walk her, she's not hesitate at all she's the complete opposite....tries to walk us. She is also a runner, any chance she gets at getting out of the yard, she's gone.......anyone else dealt with that? If so, how do you teach them not to do that???? HELP lol. Potty training is going ok, the last few days she's actually been barking or whining to go that's a good thing. She's my 7 year old daughter's best friend. She follows her everywhere...sits for her, gives her her paw and everything. She's adorable! I plan on visiting this boards a lot to help me learn about this particular type of dog. I've found it to be very informative already!

As soon as I figure out how to post pics in here I will, until then, can't wait to learn some more! :D

~Daisy the Doodle
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Welcome to you and Daisy. I don't have any advice really...I just read what everyone else says and ask questions. But this is a wonderful group!
Ok couldn't figure out how to post pictures in the actual message, so I put together a quick site.

This is Daisy......[email protected]/DaisytheDoodle.html?1152560902159?200610

~Daisy the Doodle
Welcome! I'm fairly new myself. Daisy is so adorable. My "Doc" is almost seven months old and he's settling down alot now. We've gone through the digging and it is still a problem sometimes, but if I tell him "no dig" he stops. So, I think the key is to be out in the yard with them and make them stop when you see them dig. I started out telling him "eh-eh" and if he didn't stop right away I would walk towards him and then he would stop. I go out my gate quite a bit when Doc is in the yard. At first he would try to dart out too, but I just told him no and blocked him from getting out. Now he doesn't try to dart out anymore. That's just my experience. Are you planning to take her to obedience school? It sounds like you are an experienced dog owner. I have raised several puppies myself but definitely needed obedience school for Doc.
Hello and welcome! Daisy is a cutie! And she is very wonder she is a digger and a runner! LOL

I have a favorite site that I refer people to all the has some of the best information I have ever read. Here is an article with good info regarding digging...I like the idea of giving your dog a yard of his own! ... C=0&A=2246

I am certain that they also have good articles about dogs getting loose...and, yes, I have had these experiences. And our dogs have outgrown them...BUT it took 2 years and a litter of puppies before my runner quit trying to bolt out the door! For your sanity and the safety of your sure to get a microchip and tag...and introduce your puppy to the neighbors. Also, don't let your pup outside unsupervised, especially if she is a digger AND a runner!

Start training right away...keep it up...don't slack off on the training. If you teach her correctly, you just might save yourself a lot of worry!

Good luck!
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Daisy is adorable and so is your daughter, what CUTIES :D
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