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NEW Goldendoodle Ad

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OK, it isn't an ad for a Goldendoodle, but it has a Goldendoodle in it AND it SAYS Goldendoodle in their ad thereby identifying him! :lol:

Great ad campaign that has been winning advertising awards!
For Raymond James independent advisors and I saw it in this months Newsweek. It should also be in Forbes, Coastal Living, Food and Wine and Nat'l Geographic and 2 new TV ads to start soon (maybe already?) on

It shows a female vet with her Goldendoodle and says:
Vets who started their own practice: 22,981
Who are developing a pet food line: 28
And like to train for 10ks: 7
With their Goldendoodle named Doc: 1
Then it states how you need unique financial advice, so hire them :lol:

And Doc is a scruffy Goldendoodle (picture is black and white).
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thank you both soooo much for posting this and showing the ad!!!

wish it were in color :wink:
alright you guys and hooligan gals!!! hahhahaha that is toooooooo funny i just had one of the best laughs ever!!! And i WASN'T IGNORING YOU ALL intenet servcie was up and down more than a yo-yo this past week and the technician came today to fix the problem finally!!! only took them a year to figure this out. i only thanked the technician 6 times...however he only said thank you ONCE ...hmm wonder why? hahhahahhahaaaaa

and GENE how dare you call someone else BLONDIE!! that's my NAME :shock: :D :D :D :D

and if y'all had any sense you'd call me and see why i wasn't replying!! hahahahhahahaaa silly doodle people!'

linda i want to thank both of you again ....your ID and your EGO :wink:
(i hope they buy that one) 8)

JANE ...omg i have a blonde moment friend!!! i lov it, ther's 2 of us now for GENE and sue and the 2 Linda's, Kathie, and the whole forum to try to deal with us and our perceptions at times :wink:

now i know why i don't do replies late at night...flexerill makes your mind think one way and you type another way hahhahahaaa

PS DAVE just read this post and can stop laughing...HE also notice my typing mistakes and offerred to translate blonde moments on flexerill into normal language. i told him NO WAY as he'd spoil all the fun !!! :D and i also can't edit this reply annother time hahahha
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1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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