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New Fence for Tater

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We are fencing in our back yard next week so Tater (4 months) can have room to run. I have an old garden in can dig in but a large new perennial garden I'd like to keep him out of. He has been on a long chain for about 6 weeks. What is the best way to train him to deficate in the same spot and stay out of the gardens? I understand they love to dig. Thanks in advance.

Tater's mom :D
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WE use an undergroud fence to keep the doods out of the garden beds. Works wonders, but you have to remember it's there or you'll "weed eat" the wire!. We have about 5 acres for the doods and I have no clue where they poop. Clearly they like to get it away from the house all on their own, but they are a year old now and this took awhile to establish. My point is, THEY established their poop spot all on their own and chose the area farthest from the house.
Oh, I am happy to hear that you are fencing! I always worry when no fences are up...not only because the dog can run off and other animals can get in...but with Labradoodles being as expensive as they are...many people would not hesitate to "help themselves" to a valuable creature "ripe for the picking"!

I agree that dogs generally find their own spot. Mine all have "their place" in our yard too...but we live in the mountains and so we don't have a nice yard/garden to worry about.

Electric fencing is a good alternative...otherwise, you will just need to be trainer said not to leave dogs alone unless they can be watched every second...while they are young. You know, as hard as that is, I believe it is the only real option. If you let them run...they will dig. That's what they do. And until you train them that you won't allow it, or until they outgrow it (mine did) then you have to be there to make immediate corrections. There are many methods online...but I think that the key to any training is consistency.

We acutally had a digging area, much like you have...and we burried "treasures" in there so that the dogs would be encouraged to dig was good, but still they wanted to dig when they do, you just take them to their digging spot and get them interested in digging in the right place. It is a hard thing to train, but they do get it.
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Thanks for your replies. He starts training this week, the timing is great.

Tater's mom :D
We trained our previous dog to "go" in the woods surrounding our yard. She ALWAYS did, too. We are trying to train our doodle, Kenai, to do the same. We put her on a leash, and lead her to the woods every time we go outside. We stay there until she goes, and then take her off the leash to play in the yard for a few minutes. She's only 8 weeks old, and she still goes all over the yard if given the chance, but I agree with Jac, that consistency is the key. Eventually Kenai will understand, and I know this because we've gone through it once already.

Everyone in my family has dozens of mosquito bites now from hanging out in the woods, especially on these hot, humid days. It isn't easy to potty train!

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