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New edition!

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Well we did it - we went over to Maureens and picked out our new puppy! He gets to come home with us in 2 weeks! Brutus is going to have a little brother. We haven't decided on a name yet, but he is just adorable. Any name suggestions?

Oops - did I do that on your porch?

Just chillin'

Here is Brutus - notice the water dripping from his sponge of a beard!
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Congrats! He is so sweet!

Reminds me of a black lab we had when I was a kid - named Barney

Brutus and Barney? Hmmmm
I'm so jealous! He is absoutely adorable, congratulations! It makes me want another doodle! :lol: Although I'm not sure I have a husband if I did, Lani is only 4.5 months he is not ready. Is he chocolate? I can't tell on my screen, chocolate is my favorite! His eyes are beautiful! Can't wait to see more pictures.
Yes he is chocolate - and he has little white tufts under his toes so he will lighten to cafe au lait (sp?) as he gets older.
He is soooo adorable! What pretty eyes! Hmmm, not sure why but the name Puddles comes to mind :lol: hehe J/K!!! Now it will be very difficult to wait these next two weeks! Good luck and congrats on the new addition.
Our Lani is chocolate and has begun to lighten, especially on her muzzle. Her dad is a cafe au lait SP. With those beautiful blue eyes how about Redford, as in Robert. :lol: Just a suggestion!
He is gorgeous!! Look at that face! Congratulations to you and to Maureen for raising such a lovely puppy!
You are in for so much fun... :D
He's beautiful!! He will name himself!!
Diane (and Dakota)
Georgeous! Congratulations!
He looks like a Harvey, or Bailey, he is lovely, what about Solly?
How adorable!! I love both of your Doodles! I have a chocolate Dood too. He sure has beautiful eyes. I wonder if they will stay that color.

What a great looking pup. Reminds me of Murphy a short few weeks ago. He looks like a Chumley to me
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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