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OKay there have been sooooooooo many NEW doodle parents to join this forum some days i don't know if i can keep up hahhahahahhaaaa and also said a welcoming HELLO to all

So just in case

HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOO,welcome to all new proud and happpy doodle owners and Good morning as well to the "seasoned" doodle parents too :wink:

ON this forum you will find laughter, teasing, jokes,shared experiences, comfort, commanality, a wealth of information, caring kind hearted people with genuine concern and TONS OF PICS.

us SEASONED doodle parents make jokes that we are DOODLEAHOLICS and need daily doses of doodle pics and stories....i would follow this rule :wink:

Lastly, sometimes doing a SEARCH can bring up numerous articles and/or someone like me may have one in a personal archive we can post for particular questions. I spent hours in the past reading and obtaining a wealth of info and also comfort knowing other doodles were like mine.


AND DID YOU HUG A DOODLE TODAY????? 8) well you better hahahhaa! :wink: :D

PS if you make spelling errors like me, don't worry someone will catch it and make you laugh till you have tears rolling down your cheeks :D

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Thanks for the cheery greeting.

I have been a member of the forum since before we got our doodle in Dec 2005 so I guess I am approaching the "seasoned" doodle parent category now.

Lately I have been checking in just once a week or so, as Sadie is heading toward age 2 and settled down quite a bit. I do enjoy looking at all the pictures of the beautiful dogs, especially the puppies!

I have received soooo much valuable advice and support here - it's a wonderful resource. Thank you to all.

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Right on, Ann Marie!
Good point...many times the same questions are asked and it would be so much easier to check the archives before posting the question...the answers will be the same...BUT if you don't know how or have the time, we still welcome all questions!
Ann Marie will keep you laughing, all of you new folks, and she is also a great resource...for doodle care, doodle feeding, doodle antics AND landscaping! hahaha
We share when we can, and are always happy when new member join in because they continue to add a new perspective...and often a great deal of humor!
As for typos? Well, I usually do forums at about 3 AM and I am sleep I have an old keyboard with sticky I am you will find many humorous typos in my posts too!

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Hi Everyone and Welcome to those I've missed

Annabelle and I have been here for a short time and love it - We have had AB for 1 year now and she is so much fun - we just finished our daily brush/comb and now she's at my feet chewing on her bone.

Hope everyone is having a great day

this is Annabelle at about 10weeks, seems like forever ago that she was that small


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Back in time

blueteal said:
Hi everyone: I am just trying to ask questions and it seems the only way
was to post new topic is this correct?

I have just put a deposit on a labradoodle for March 2007 litter so I have lots of time to learn more about this breed although I have done a lot of research to get this far. My question is this, I know I want a puppy that is more lab looking than poodle with a hair coat and in the 50 to 70 pound range. Can a breeder really tell at 5 to 6 weeks of age what a puppy will look like as an adult?

This was my first post ever and below the answer and the welcome
that I received from Jac is the reason why I came back. She really helped me so much in my quest for a Doodle.
By the way I did get
the Doodle coat that I was looking for and as for 50 to 70 lbs well I
got about 100 lbs of the most sweetest, wonderful gorgeous Doodle!!!


Good morning blueteal,
Welcome to the forum and congratulations on your selection of a Labradoodle!
Please feel free to ask any questions you might have.
In answer to your question posted, I believe that some breeders can tell what the coat of their puppies will be...generally. Sometimes the coat makes a surprising change though!
If your breeder has been in the business a long time, and if the parents of your puppy have produced litters before, your breeder may be quite accurate.
Because we are dealing with nature, however, it is impossible to say for certain that a coat will or will not be a certain quality.
When my puppies were born, I could immediately see the curly coated pups, but the flatter coats did develop into lush, thick, fluffy coats at about 7 weeks of age. I had one that continued to look like a Lab (I breed F1Bs) and that particular puppy did shed. He now has whispy longer hairs, but I believe that he will remain Lab-looking.
What I am trying to say is that although your breeder can give you an educated guess, you may be surprised as your puppy grows...I have seen flat coated puppies become very fluffy and curly.
May I ask...are you allergic to dogs? If so, you are probably not going to be happy (or symptom free) if you select a puppy with a flat, Lab look to it's coat.
Either way, please post a picture of your puppy when you get him/her, we always love to welcome new pups...and their owners!
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