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New addition to the family

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And No! it's not another doodle! Tonight my ex-husband came by the movie store where I work. He explained that he's heading out on the 1st to walk the appalachian trail. He tried giving our cat, Rocky, to a girlfriend, but he had been mistreated there and he took him back. He said I was his last hope. I looked at Kevin (who happened to be there making shelves) and he said "Mr. Muffin's brother?" I said yeah, but honey....and he said "sure, bring him down"

So now in my little one-bedroom apartment I have 1 fiance, 1 doodle pup, and two 20+ pound maine **** brothers. I was extremely worried that after 2 years, the brothers wouldn't remember each other. But my worries didn't last. I opened the carrier (without Dexter in the room to disturb the peace) and the two brothers sniffed each other, and settled under the daybed about a foot apart, nose to nose and just relaxed. They seem to both be so at peace to have their brothers back. It made me cry. I don't know what exactly Rockie's been through, but I can guess it wasn't real good.

Before coming home, we discussed that instead of keeping him, we could find him a good home. But after the reunion, Kevin sniffed back the tears and said "he's home honey" I started to say something and he said "Rocky's home" So I guess the boss has spoken, and I have my little clown back. He's the funniest cat on the face of the earth, and I've missed him beyond words.

I won't burden him with the camera tonight, but in the next few days there'll be kitty pics and stories of how he gets along with Dex.
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ohhhhhhhhh i am so glad Rocky is back home. What a touching story and reuniting them back together again. Dexter will now have a new playmate or 2 cats to outsmart now.

and yes when they all settle in PLEASE post a picture or 2 or 3 ... :D :D
This is a post that is certainly close to my heart.
How wonderful would love to see pictures of all.
Cats & Dogs have there own ways of working things out and they will.
What a nice happy ending :wink: :wink: :wink:
Dextersmommy, sounds like you have one hell of a guy there! He's a keeper!!!!! Glad your little family is now complete!

Kathie, Raleigh & Molly :D :twisted: :?
What a heart-tugging story! My goodness...!
But a very happy ending! Congratulations and best wishes to you all!
Awwww, what a heart warming story. I'm so glad that Rocky is home again, and that your fiance saw it. That's super! There's something about like kind in animals.

Nani and her half brother both enjoyed playing with other dogs, but when the two of them got together, they recognized something in one another, and the relationsip flew to a whole new level. They were the BEST of friends!!!

Enjoy the Homecoming!!!
Happy homecoming! What's one more mouth to feed...there will surely be now shortage of love! Now maybe if you can get one of Dexter's brothers...... :roll:
Awww, that is sooo sweet! I am so happy for you all!
And I think Gene's right :lol:
Awww, that's a precious story. And your fiance's reaction is precious too!
I agree...your better half to be is a keeper. What a GREAT story. Nothing like a homecoming. Can't wait to see pic's. Keep us informed of how everyone is doing!'s it going today with Rocky and other family members???? would love to hear an update ...thanks!! :D
Well for right now all is well and quiet. Good thing cause I called off work tonight. Can't tell if it's a toothache or earache, but I feel awful. I'm helping with dinner prep then I'm passing out on the couch. So far, Rocky is hissing at Dexter and Dexter is keeping his distance. It's the old "cats rule" thing. As soon as Dex gets it, Rocky will ease up and play. Mr. Muffin is hiding uder the couch mostly. It's not that he doesn't like Rocky, he just is miffed at us for bringing another peasant into his kingdom. I have a little utility/closet room that is the cat's room. It's where they get fed and where the box is. It's got a sliding door that I can close far enough so Dex can't get in, but they can. It gives them a safe haven to escape the doggie. Rocky hung out in there alot last night, but during the night he got into bed with us and stayed, til volcano Kevin errupted and scared the bejeebers out of him and he ran. But he came back. :oops: :lol: :lol: :lol:

So all is well, and I'm going to have a long nap now. More later.
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I sure hope you start to feel better soon Dextersmommy.

and well give it about 2 weeks and the hissing will stop and they'll settle in just fine i'm sure. i'll be patient on waiting for pics till you recoup. :)
Feel better soon Dextersmommy...we'll all have the flu soon since we love hanging out with Gene :lol:
Here's the little bundle of joy. He's just finished grumbling at Dexter, so he's not his happy go lucky self in the pic.

I'm feeling a little better. I took some Ceflex and ibuprofin and a nap. I think I have a tooth acting up again.
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ohhh hahhaha i love the expression on his face!!! hahahah Rocky is something else!!

i can just hear him grumbling under his breath but i can't repeat what he said :wink: (it wasn't very flattering for dexter) :wink:

glad to hear you got a bit of relief
Hope you're feeling better today! Beautiful addition you got there. I kind of miss having a cat, but I'll be satisfied visiting my cousins, and all the cat stuff I've collected over the years...yes, dog owner decorated with cats!
I kind of miss having a cat, but I'll be satisfied visiting my cousins, and all the cat stuff I've collected over the years...yes, dog owner decorated with cats!
Gene, I could loan them out for short periods! Where do you live?

We were worried cause we changed to scoopable litter and some cats don't like the change. But Kevin, my official poop scooper, said that the clump count is right on, so they're using their box. Life is good.

Muffin's back to being his little social self. And Rocky, well, Rocky is a lover. Last night he had Kevin pinned on the couch, while he rubbed his goatee with his chin for about a half hour. Kevin said after that bonding session, Rocky is his best bud. I also forgot to tell Kevin that Rocky's a talker, which Muffin is not. Rocky was walking around telling everybody something important, and Kevin's like "what's wrong, is he sick, is he alright?!" I told him he's fine, get used to it, cause he's not one to be silent. I kinda like a vocal cat. Makes good conversation.

Thanks for all the well wishes. Now if we can just keep my landlord from finding out about the size of my zoo, we'll be a-okay!
I don't know if any cats are ready for Jonah Jamanator! :shock: Miko would probably be frightened.

We just got up from a lay down on the couch watching animal planet. Miko gave me a puppy bath and got me laughing for the first time today, while Jonah kept my tooties warm.... :wink:
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