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Neutering your Doodle?

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What do you think about neutering your Doodle before 6 months old? I had my last dog neutered at 5 months. Now, they will neuter dogs as early as 3 months. I am considering getting Gunner neutered early. I have read pros and some cons on both sides, but I would rather hear from pet owners.
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Hello Amanda :) I am definately for neutering/spaying before 6 mos of age. My vet likes to do it at 4 mos and will do it as early as 7 wks. If you don't plan on breeding, I highly recommend early spay/neuter.
Thanks for your opinion. I am in favor, but I am a little nervous. Gunner is a good solid dog (21 pounds), so I am sure he will fair very well. He is scheduled on Wednesday. I will probably go through with it...unless I chicken out at the last minute! What do you think is the best benefit for a male dog...other than not impregnating a female?
Hi Amanda,
I, too, favor early spay and neutering. There are many reasons and I investigated/researched a lot before I decided, but now I am firm in the belief that early spay/neuter (ESN) is a responsible thing to do. Many will disagree, so you should do your own research and come to a conclusion that is right for you.
The six month age was established because in those days (at least 20 years ago) they did not have the medical advancements that we have today...nor the anesthesia.
ILA has a good reference page for ESN,
If your vet doesn't want to do may want to consider another, because almost every vet would say to spay/neuter before 6 months of age.
Toby was neutered at 15 weeks. It was extremely successful. He did not even notice anything missing, nor did he lick, etc. He developed none of the male habits at all. At 5 months, he does still squat rather than lift a leg, but that keeps daddy's wheels clean. :wink: It worked very well for us.
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