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Need help - very frusterated

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To start, let me say that my aunt and her family got Boomer's sister, Zeena, last October when the puppies 8 weeks old (They are now 10 months). My aunt had wanted a second dog as her son's companion because they had just moved to a new town close to ours.
We were very successful right from the beginning in training,raising, and housebreaking Boomer. Because my aunt had never raised a puppy, I gave her advice and tips. She, however, being very stubborn, thought she knew what she was doing. Zeena had the run of the house from 8 weeks on, and was constantly treated with inconsistant discipline. She was probably on 3 or 4 different foods before switching to one that worked, her "sleeping arrangement" constantly changed from room to room, she wasn't not socialized except with my dogs, and she was scolded when finding a potty accident from hours before (making her very hard to housetrain). My aunt wanted to crate train, but after only two or three days gave up because Zeena constantly cried in the crate. (And ok, we didn't crate train Boomer either :oops:. But we did keep him confined to the kitchen)
As time passed, I've reprimanded my aunt hundreds of times, trying to get her to change the way she was bringing up Zeena. My aunt would change something she was doing and then give up again.
Zeena was also very hyper, with a more labby personality. They hired a trainer for $600 which helped some but not all.

As you might imagine, by now Zeena is one messed up dog. She is practically not housetrained at all, and when she meets other dogs, she tries to nip out of fear (not being socialized). My aunt doesn't see that she is the reason for Zeena's problems, no matter what I try to tell her.

A few weeks ago, they found Zeena a new home. Everything seemed ok, the new owners didn't mind trying to housebreak her, but after 2 weeks, they got fed up. They said that she began attacking their golden retriever and becoming food aggressive.
Now, back at my aunt's, Zeena has continued this "attacking" and often goes towards their other dog's neck. I don't feel this is really aggressive behavior, but more in play.
She often poops in the house upwards of 3 times a day. In my opinion, this is probably because of her food. She is on California Natural. Not the worst food out there, but it could be better. Also, she constantly gets to the cat food. Instead of moving it, my aunt just deals with diahrrea. :roll:

So the real problem now is that my aunt and her family is going on vacation on Saturday and don't want to "deal" with Zeena anymore. They are considering euthanasia. I am literally outraged. I would consider taking her myself, but with a family of six, plus two dogs and three cats, its not possible for me to take on an unhousetrained dog.

I need advice - not on what my aunt should have done better because I know what she did wrong, but on what to do about this situation.
I told her to contact our breeder who stated she would be there for the life of our dogs. My aunt says that they wouldn't be able to ship Zeena to the breeder by Saturday. (We're in CT, the breeder is in OH).
I am frusterated that she is giving up and doesn't understand what she did wrong in the first place. And none of this is fair to Zeena!

Does anyone have any ideas? Or know of a good home that would work with Zeena?
I don't have any recent pictures of her, but this one was from when she was about 12 weeks old:

I need help!
(and sorry this is so long)
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I am sorry I dont really know where to help you except to maybe suggest trying to take her until you can rehome her? There are a number of good re-home websites.... Shannon?? A little help please?

I am just almost in tears that they would kill a perfectly healthy puppy because THEY didn't do their job in training her. Please Please Please try to convince them to hold on until you can find her a home!

PS: I am going to cross post the link to this thread on a couple other forums to see if anyone can help... where exactly are you located?
Thanks for replying so quickly and trying to help.

I am working on getting her conviced not to euthanize Zeena...I don't think she actually will, but the threat still looms.
I also just found out that my aunt did send an email to a lab-rescue, so hopefully they'll be willing to take her in.

Oh, and we're located in southwest CT.
I passed it along to another forum and my dad, who also lives in CT to see if he can pass the link on to anyone who might be able to foster her until a rehome can be found.

If you can, please post an email address so people can contact you directly.

Thanks and I hope we can help.
I help with the poo-mix rescue site, and I can get this girl listed on there pretty quick, but not sure about all the issues. I am sure a lab rescue would take her, but I can get her listed. Get me a picture and a write up and I will list her on the site.
I will also let Jo @ poomix know about this. You can email all info to [email protected]. We will do all we can to help.
lab rescues

LRC of Central Connecticut (also covers Upstate New York)
Julie Starkweather (203) 426-0770

LRC of the Pioneer Valley (covers N Central Connecticut & W. Massachusetts)
Laura Lafreniere (800) 820-2930

Northeast All-Retriever Rescue (NEARR) covers Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maine (Southeast only), New Hampshire (Southern only) and Connecticut (Eastern Shore only).
(617) 824-4278 [email protected]

Poodle rescues in CT

The Quinnipiac Poodle Club
President: Debbie West
85 Old Church Hill, Trumbull CT 06611 (203) 459-4392
Secretary: Daryl Masone [email protected]
20 Autumn Ridge Rd, Naugatuck CT 06770 (203) 729-8846
Rescue: Daryl Masone (203)729-8846 [email protected]
Breeder Referral: Suzanne Newing (203) 255-3396 [email protected]
Please call BEFORE 9 P.M. Eastern Time
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Thank you so much Shannon. I will try to get an updated picture by tomorrow and then I'll send you the info!

I really appriciate how quickly everyone is helping out. This forum is really great!
Not a problem! We just want the doodle out of that situation. We also have a person that runs the new england doodle association, and we forwarded the link to her. She may be able to help out. Just get all the info you can, and send it to us, and be sure to also send it to [email protected]
Zeena's posted on NEDA

We'll do our best to find a home for Zeena. She deserves a great one!!
Sorry I've been absent for a few days I had trouble getting on the site and last Tuesday I became a Grandma (ME ME) that's what they call me for the 7th time her name is Maggie Jean!! :D

Anyway is there an update on Zeena has she found a new home it really disturbs me when people don't train and then blame the poor dog don't they realize they can't train themselves????? :roll:
Right now I am waiting to see what the lab rescue wrote my aunt back...
Also, once she or her husband emails me a recent picture I will send Shannon the info to post on the poomix rescue site.

I will make sure Zeena doesn't get killed even if I take her myself a few days.

And congratulations on becoming a Grandma! :D
Can you contact animal rescue? It HAS to be illegal to kill a perfectly healthy dog... isnt it?
I'm not sure if its illegal, but I'm sure the vet wouldn't do it willingly.
I'm going to call some of those rescue places myself.
Hi...thanks for posting this. It must be not only embarrassing for you but heartbreaking too...let's put our heads together to see what can be done.

Obviously, Zeena has a huge behavioral problem...and, as you said, there is no need in discussing how that happened because you recognize the problems, what can be done?

The most pressing part of this problem is that your aunt wants to act so quickly. I would suggest asking her wait on her decision...although I am sure you have tried already.

My first suggestion is to check to see if you can find a training program that will take Zeena for a week or two. It may cost a couple of thousand dollars, but gosh...I might even be willing to pitch in to help pay for it...maybe others would too...or maybe a possible new owner would pay for it.

It is obvious to me that Zeena needs a strong trainer. Her problems can not be solved at home right now. A home environment is something that she has learned how to control. And when she is in a home, she should NOT be in a home with another dog, and certainly not with children...perhaps even elderly people would be a bad selection since Zeena is so head-strong. I don't know.

Say...why not contact the Dog Whisperer?? This is exactly the type of problem he works on...and the threat of death to this dog might bring him to quick action!

I would prefer to turn Zeena over to the local Humane Society than to put her to sleep.

I am really having a hard time dealing with your aunt's decision...I wonder, would she consider doing the same with a wayward teenager? My God, what is in her mind...Oh, I know...the "easy" way out. I am very upset with her...and with every other person who takes the responsibility of puppy/dog ownership so lightly that they consider the animal disposable. UGH! :evil:

I think that the rehome sites are great and may be a good answer, but what we need here is immediacy...and I am afraid that if we don't get Zeena out of that home, the decision will be made for us...and we won't like it.

I would try to find a kennel or rescue situation that will take Zeena and offer training while she is housed there. Many places offer placement like that...see if your local animal control or humane society can give you the name or contact info for such a trainer.

Let me know if you need help financially with this...that poor girl...
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I don't have much to add other than how proud I am to be a part of such a caring group. I am so impressed at how quickly you all are to respond to help little Zeena. If I ever think I'm losing faith in society I KNOW where I will turn to have it restored.
I love the idea of the training facility Jac. Is there any chance that they would take on Zeena at a discount if we spread the word about what a fabulous facility they are?

Also, hey why not try some of the "celebrity" dog trainers... if anyone can get things done quickly and work to get a dog out of a bad situation ASAP its people with visability.

GREAT ideas.
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