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natural soaps at groomer?

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hi! i want to take Wally for a bath soon (we just got him 3 weeks ago), but i don't know what kind of soap they use at the groomers. I bought some all natural stuff made of coconut oil to do it myself in the warm weather, but do they have all natural stuff that won't make wally's skin itch at the groomers? I would like to try something at home to rub into a few itchy spots, too. I give him coconut oil orally once or twice a day, and that has seemed to help some. PLus, he LOVES it. All i have to say is "CO-CO-NUT" and he comes running. :wink:
I heard a friend who has a schnoodle say something about me cleaning hair out of Wally's ears... I didn't know anything about that. Will they do that at the groomer's? Do i need to mention it to them or will they automatically do it?
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hmmm...very good question. We take Dex to Petsmart for grooming and whatever they use smells absolutely fabulous! He doesn't seem to have any reaction to it. Unfortunately I don't know what they use. If you have a potential groomer maybe ask them what they use...I know Petsmart has some special oatmeal shampoos you can add (for an extra charge). I don't have any advice for itchy spots...maybe someone else will.

Our groomer's package includes bath, cut, blow dry, nail clip and ear cleaning/hair pluck. Just ask them what they include or if they have any special packages :)
thanks! I'm glad to know that they include the ear cleaning. There is a new Petsmart by our house. There are also several groomers to choose from.
When Fred was a puppy he had itchy spots. Part of the problem was he had fleas, just a few, but he would itch and then keep right on itching the spot. He also just seemed itchy in general. So we got rid of the fleas, but we also switched foods, and gave him fish oil pills since his skin seemed so dry. For the itchy spots--which he would scratch till they were raw--we would rub aloe on the spots and it seemed to just make the itch go away and the rawness cleared up. He is no longer itchy, so we don't use the fish oil any more--but aloe is great for any skin irritation.
i think i have a bottle of aloe already. I'll try it.
I was rubbing coconut oil into his fur, but it made it kind of greasy. :?
Aloe might be better. Thanks for the idea.
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