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Nail cutting

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I forgot to tell you guys that Mom took me to get my nails
cut this moring.
I hate getting my nails cut, I mean I really hate it.
Mom has cut them for me since I was a baby, but I decided that I
am a big boy and stronger than her and Dad and I don't want them
to cut them anymore. So when Mom took me to the vet a while
back when I had my owie, she though that I would let the vet cut them. No way I said and it did not happen then either.
So Mom has been upset cause they were getting long and blah blah blah
Anyway today she surprised me and took me to Bosleys which is great
cause they sell food and treats and everything and the girls love me and give me hugs and kisses. Well she took me into the back room and i have
never been there before and Mom and the groomer named Lisa put me up
on this table (now Mom's back is sore)and then I saw the nail cutters and I said no way ain't gonna happen and it did not soooooooooo Lisa(that is the groomer) brought out
this grinder thing and started filing down my nails, well it was noisy but it
only took minutes to do all my nails and I got treats and hugs and everything soooooooooo Mom is happy and I am always happy if she is.
Life is even better with shorter nails. If any of you hate the nail clippers
ask to get them filed down as it is fast and easy and only cost Mom $13 bucks and i am worth $13 bucks at least..........

This is my first novel

Love and hugs and kisses to all
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WOWie Denver!! you have such a gooooooood sweet loving MOM!!
our MOM took both of us 2 days ago and had our nails trimmed too. We feel better and slide less on the floors now

did they give you a treat or did your mom when they were done? :D

your pals,
Max and peanut
with both my doodles oh wait and Beau having black nails ...i am too scared of making them bleed. Funny i can groom them, have done so much with injured animals in the past, etc but ask me to clip nails and i run the other way hahahhahaaa

so i pay $8 per dog to get their nails trimmed
I was shocked at how calm Max when when i took him to get his nails trimmed last Sunday...though i will say if i am allowed to be near him and tell him to SETTLE and what a good boy he is, then he's fine. Let me try to leave and he HOWLS hahhahahaa

Peanut takes a few minutes to calm down her wagging excited porky butt hahahhaaaaaaaaa
1 - 3 of 28 Posts
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