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my son = chew toy?

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i hope someone has some advice! my son is 18 months old and maggie has decided that he is one of her littermates. she doesn't hurt him but she jumps on him and chews on his legs (not really chewing, but playfully tugging if that makes sense). he isn't scared of her but i want her to STOP it.

right now, when she does it, i scruff her by her neck and tell her NO! she knows she's wrong because she immediately becomes submissive and rolls over and/or tries to climb in my lap.

is this enough? is there anything else i should be doing? she doesn't do it with my 3 year old (b/c kate runs away. lol)

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What you are doing is what I would of recommended instead of the scruff of the neck grab around the scruff around the face and look her right in the eyes and tell her no bite in a mean voice then ignore her for 5 minutes or so if she trys to make up to you.
Okay, I have been going through this myself. It's really hard for the puppy to learn that my kids are not his littermates. So, I spoke to a couple of trainers at PetSmart. One recommendation was worth a try. I bought a bottle of bitterapple. I sprayed the puppys tounge when he bit. And, I sprayed my kids. I also sprayed my woodwork and my couch. I have noticed a change. Just putting the bottle in my hand is enough for him to stop now. I still say NO biting, make him settle, and encourage kisses. But, the bitterapple has helped.
Been there....

I know exactly what you're talking about. Cody acted this way with my boys and it got worse and worse until he actually hurt them. He was only playing with them but as he got bigger he became more dangerous for them. If you read through this thread you can follow what happened and what we did. We opted for the static collar because I needed a way to enact an immediate punishment often from across the room. Being able to give immediate correction for the behavior helped Cody learn faster exactly what was not acceptable. I just had to carry around the controller which clips to my pants. Cody is 99% over this behavior and hasn't jumped on the boys since the second day in the collar. The boys are playing on the floor and running around enjoying Cody. Cody is still the loving companion he has always been with no negative effects from the static collar. It is a great way to stop unwanted behavior when used properly. Good luck! Angela
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thanks for the suggestions! i started scruffing her face yesterday (and being more consistent; i think that was hurting the situation). if she doesn't get better, then i will try the static collar.

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