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I'm sorry I know this is not to do with labradoodles....
I'm also sorry as it's not very nice....

I found my cat today (he went missing on January the 12th at only six months old). As soon as he went missing I phoned all the rescue centres, local vets, put posters up & even went knocking on doors. I had various reports of a small black cat in the area & drove around looking for him. I never gave up hope!
I was suprised that he wondered off in the first place as I had him from a tiny wild kitten who learnt to trust me & was so attached to me (I actually think he thought I was his mum).
Anyway today (3 & a half months later) it was my partner that found him, he had never wondered off, he had been in our garden all the time. Unfortunately he must have jumped in to our green bin (a bin for all the grass cuttings etc). The bin had been empty since last summer apart from rain water, so he must have drowned :cry: I'm very upset about what has happened, but I know he is in a good place now & I'm still fortunate to have my other cat (Margo) & my wonderful dogs!
I will never forget my gorgeous boy Claude! x

Oh how horribly sad for you all. I can't imagine such a shockingly sad discovery. Years ago, one of our cats was locked in a neighbors' garage when they left on vacation for over 2 weeks. He was dehydrated, all skin & bones & at death's door when they returned but luckily he survived. Cats are so curious, which is one their many appealing qualities but you never know what mischief they will get into. I'm so very sorry your cat's sense of adventure turned out so dreadful. You gave it a loving home for the time the cat was with you. In the wild it would not have had a good life & may very well have had an even shorter life. I'll keep you & your critters in my heart.
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