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My Newbee Smells BAAADDDD

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Please help!

We brought home our brand new F1B Apricot Doodle today. He's cute and pretty mellow, but we have washed him twice and we cannot even make him smell like the shampoo!! He reaks and I can't even come up with a good analogy as to what!!!

Please help! I barely want to let him in the house....and I was SOOOO excited!

I also want to note that he seems very very skinny (underneath his fluff) and he drank nearly a HUGE bowl of water in one sitting. I imagine that is not normal either!!! He is still thirsty too!
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Good to hear all is well with the little "Stinker"! :wink: We would love to see photos when you have a moment to breathe! :D

I am sooooo happy to hear you brought the little STINKER to the vet and he's healty in most ways and now can rid him of the poopy smell. Poor little guy! i hope you turn that breeder in!!! and i do thank god someone like you has this stinker (meant affectionatey) to be totally adored and loved by someone like you.

keep usposted and PLEASE post a pic soon!! thanks

He'll soon fill out with your nuturing care and fluff right out. :D and will soon do doodle runs!!
His name is "Duster" mainly because when he lays completely flat with all legs out on the kitchen floor...he looks like a dust mop.

In the last two days I can see progress. He has much more energy and his eyes are shiny. He is taking to the crate "better" meaning he barks for less time than before. LOL!

Overall, we're getting there---but I am running him at 5:30AM every morning for 30 minutes and then again for an hour at the end of the day. This makes his crate transitions a little easier as he is dog tired when he goes in it.

I think this dog amounts to a good weight loss plan! LOL!
As for the dog #1....he's wondering if this is permanent or not. He's not quite sure what to think! :)
I LOVE the name DUSTER! They do look like floppy little dust mops when they sprawl out!

Not to be too nosy, but I hope when you say 'running him' you just mean playing and not actually running (jogging) with the pup because as I have learned from this forum, running or jogging with a puppy can do some real damage to their growing joints and it can contribute to a hip dysplasia diagnosis. :cry:

Can't wait to see pictures!!! :lol:
By running I mean walking briskly. I am not a runner by nature, but I have long legs that go quickly down the trail. The dog had to keep a good pace to follow me, but he didn't have any problems. Then, at night I always take a hike up this hilly trail in the neighboring State Park. Again, I brought him with me. He kept up well.

I would never run a dog silly, but I would keep them well excercised so they don't think it is a good idea to chew my couch when they get home. LOL! :)
I've learned:
Tired Dog = Good Dog.
I can't wait to start taking Sandy on hikes! Just another week until he gets his 12 week shots and I can be a little more free about where he goes. Right now I limit him to the walk between my house and Annie's bus stop in the morning! I can't wait to be able to tire him out like that!!
I love his new name DUSTER hahhahahaha good one!!!!!
and glad to hear he's doing much better now too.

we need to fence in our yard and soooooooooon.
Glad to hear Duster is doing well! How does the litter stinker smell? Did the Dawn work?
I use dawn on my dogs (and my pureology shampoo also!!) :) I have never had a dry skin problem :)

glad to here he will survive! PICTURES now!!!
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