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My Newbee Smells BAAADDDD

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Please help!

We brought home our brand new F1B Apricot Doodle today. He's cute and pretty mellow, but we have washed him twice and we cannot even make him smell like the shampoo!! He reaks and I can't even come up with a good analogy as to what!!!

Please help! I barely want to let him in the house....and I was SOOOO excited!

I also want to note that he seems very very skinny (underneath his fluff) and he drank nearly a HUGE bowl of water in one sitting. I imagine that is not normal either!!! He is still thirsty too!
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It is Sunday, so I will wait until tomorrow to call the Vet. I have reduced the water intake to a reasonable amount and he has eaten fairly well. Today he seems hungry. So I fed him once very well this morning and will wait again this evening. If I can set him on a schedule, maybe I can figure out what is up.

We got him from a breeder, but due to distance we were never able to see the location. I hope I don't regret that!

He still stinks today. I have all the windows in the house open. LOL! I checked his glands and his ears, both seem fine. The stench is truly coming from the fur. So....with every shampoo he dries off outside. I'm hoping excercise and sunshine help the little bugger!

I also noticed that while my dachshund LOVES his soft bed...this guy wants hard floors only. It's 60 degrees, so I know it's not because of heat. I'm thinking hard is all he ever knew. :(

I'll let you know what the vet says tomorrow.

One last thing: Did your Labradoodle puppies care whetehr or not they soiled in their crates? My dachshund wants nothing but clean...while this pup seems to embellish being able to hold it UNTIL the crate. Any thoughts!?
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I am back from the vet this morning.

Here is the run down:

1) Skinny as hell and undernourished. Keep well fed...which I have been doing--including buying Solid Gold wet food to mix with his Diamond dry food. Vet says he should recover with food.

2) No worms.

3) Smell comes from ....not to put a fine point on it, but shit. The poop and urine from whatever he was in has permiated the hair. The Vet recommends a good long bath in a light amount of Dawn dishsoap. He said the dishsoap will not be as harsh as most people think and should do the trick. Let air dry outside in sunshine....which I was already doing.

Otherwise he is "healthy"......

He slept pretty well and only got up twice last night. Neither time did he piddle in the crate. We went for a walk at 6AM to get out some puppy energy...which he has more of since he has gotten food and water.

What a trip. He's cute though, I'll give him that much! LOL! That said, he acts like he can't hear or see that from the fur being in his eyes??
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His name is "Duster" mainly because when he lays completely flat with all legs out on the kitchen floor...he looks like a dust mop.

In the last two days I can see progress. He has much more energy and his eyes are shiny. He is taking to the crate "better" meaning he barks for less time than before. LOL!

Overall, we're getting there---but I am running him at 5:30AM every morning for 30 minutes and then again for an hour at the end of the day. This makes his crate transitions a little easier as he is dog tired when he goes in it.

I think this dog amounts to a good weight loss plan! LOL!
As for the dog #1....he's wondering if this is permanent or not. He's not quite sure what to think! :)
By running I mean walking briskly. I am not a runner by nature, but I have long legs that go quickly down the trail. The dog had to keep a good pace to follow me, but he didn't have any problems. Then, at night I always take a hike up this hilly trail in the neighboring State Park. Again, I brought him with me. He kept up well.

I would never run a dog silly, but I would keep them well excercised so they don't think it is a good idea to chew my couch when they get home. LOL! :)
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