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My Newbee Smells BAAADDDD

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Please help!

We brought home our brand new F1B Apricot Doodle today. He's cute and pretty mellow, but we have washed him twice and we cannot even make him smell like the shampoo!! He reaks and I can't even come up with a good analogy as to what!!!

Please help! I barely want to let him in the house....and I was SOOOO excited!

I also want to note that he seems very very skinny (underneath his fluff) and he drank nearly a HUGE bowl of water in one sitting. I imagine that is not normal either!!! He is still thirsty too!
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Congrats on a healthy little stinker (I think there is a nickname in the making :lol: ). He is lucky to have a loving home now.

How did you find the breeder? Did they have a website or did you hear from them from sombody?
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