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my new puppy pictures

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Hi everyone - I promised to post pictures of our new pups... but I am computer illiterate. Hopefully I can follow Keith's directions! -
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They are VERY cute doodles! I especially like Bongo's coloring! Very beautiful! Thanks for sharing.
They are so cute...hard to believe they are related. I love your floor. Is it painted on the hardwood? Did you do it?
Oh, they are simply adorable puppies! Congratulations!
Hi Bmbe. Yeah, in my free time I paint floorcloths, (less free time now!), which is basically just heavy canvas that I paint a design on, finish the edges and then give multiple coats of polyurethane. Paintings you can walk on - And it is easy to clean puppy pee off of them! :lol: Jac, thanks for your suggestion of a coupler. I am going to order one today. Annemarie.
Annemarie, They are both beautiful...but the first one has such SOULFUL eyes.
Those are just the cutest faces! I can see why you had to have them both! What sweet babies.... Enjoy.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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