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Kel, very nice page! I laughed...and I was very impressed with Jack. You have a fine dog!
I have to tell you ... we felt the same way about Poodles, thought they were prissy, yappy, snappy and spoiled...then we got Chase! Oh, my goodness, he is such a great dog! (And he is very masculine... :wink: ) We let his coat grow (pretty nappy, acutally) and people always write to us and ask how much we are asking for our chocolate Labradoodle. Since, Chase (the Poodle) is the only chocolate dog we have, I know which one they mean.
I have his picture posted on this forum, under Poodles. (Don't know how to post them here, or I'd do so.) ... =25&pos=17
Now my husband says that there is nothing wrong with is the OWNERS that have the problem! :lol:
Anyway...welcome! Your web page is a very good, entertaining addition to the doodle resources out there. I am glad you shared it with us!
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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