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My Labradoodle has a weird belly

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I was looking at my new 11 weeks old puppy (Labradoodle) and i noticed he had 6 nipples is this normal?
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well NOW y'all KNow what i'll be doing tomorrow morning

counting Max and Beau's nipples hahahaaaaaaaaaaa
any bets on how many they have? :wink:
OK we only found 5 nipples on max...we wonder if peanut bit one off in her earlier puppyhood days

Beau is napping in his crate....he's next
Henry said:
our four year old neighbor came over for a visit. Henry rolled over for a belly rub and the little boy said about his nipples....."oh, I love his polka dots." :lol:
hhahahhahhhaaaaaa!! Kids are so innocent and funny!! i lov that hhahha polka dots hahhaaaaaaaa
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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